Monday, November 3, 2014

Have you ever thought about paint colors for your exterior with the influence being a piece of your favorite art work?  Pick one (1) color from your inspiration and find it in a fan deck, then you can choose a light, medium and dark version of the color, or you can check the previous page and later page for more variations.   Check out the companies historical colors (HC in Ben Moore).  These are tried and true colors, you'll pretty much get the exact color on your home (strong natural light excluded).  

This is probably the easiest way to chose color, because your inspiration is right in front of you.   Need trim color?  Here are Ben Moore's Top 12 Whites!  Not that white is always the answer for trim, interior or exterior.

Always try and make color selection fun and easy, just let your eyes do the walking and trust your intuition to be your guide.